Founders, trustees and staff

The founders of Pillars of God Academy in Bacoor are a family who appreciate the gains in life which came to them from education, hard work and maintaining an awareness of their place in God's world.

The current Board of Governors are members of that same family.

  • Elizabeth G Campbell - President
  • Helen G Vergonio - Secretary
  • Wilbeth Cabrera - Treasurer
  • Merle G De Villa - Vice President
  • William Joshua Campbell - Member
  • William John (Bill) Campbell - Member

The main sponsor for purchase of the land and construction of the building has been Bill Campbell, husband of Elizabeth and father of Josh.

Our 2022/2023 academic staff is ably led by Principal Ms Liwayway Dimapilis 

We are located at:

Lot 7 to 10, Block 58, Georgetown Heights, Molino IV, Bacoor, CAVITE 4102

Telephone contact is not available during the pandemic.

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What we offer

We provide a fully rounded education which meets all requirements of DEPED National Curriculum.

In addition we go that extra step to ensure your child finds the right learning medium to develop their full potential.

Try out our Summer Classes if you have a child in the Nursery to Kinder age group

Where we started

Pillars of God Academy Bacoor first opened it's doors in 2007. We bought the current location and broke ground for the purpose built facilities in 2012.

Find us at Lots 7 to 10, Block 58, Georgetown Heights, Molino IV, Bacoor, CAVITE

What stage are we at

We now offer K to Grade 6 in fully air conditioned classrooms. We have completed the school building and will soon, with your help, expand our offering to include the full K to 12.

Bring your children to join us on the journey and let us all grow together.

Help us expand our reach

We ask for your help to expand the Pillars of God Academy Scholarship Fund. The cost of one night out in the US or UK (around $100) will cover tuition fees for one whole quarter for a new student. We need to offer High School classes to meet the local needs.

Enroll now

If your child will be 3 years old on or before 31 August this year, see our Enroll page.

OR Visit the school at Lots 7 - 10, Block 58, Georgetown Heights, Molino IV, Bacoor, CAVITE 4102.

Parents - earn tuition fee discount.

Introduce new students to the school and earn 10% discount on your own child's tuition fees for each of those new students who enrolls and remains with the school for the full year. See Discounts page for details.