Random Thoughts

A question for all TODA in Cavite

If the owner/operator of the trike cannot afford working tail lights on his bike or sidecar, just how on God's good earth is his family going to afford his funeral when he insists on driving in the left lane of the highway at 25km per hour at night?

Fear is ...

when it's dark and raining. You come up behind an L300 van doing 20km per hour in the left lane. You start to move right to overtake (undertake?) him, as is normal on the Dasmarinas to Tagaytay road, and then you realise he is keeping pace with a bicycle, with no lights, who has just swerved left to avoid a hole at the edge of the road. Who had the biggest fright?

Concerning trend

Have you noticed how many people have broken the functionality of the manufacturer installed braking lights? More than once on a single trip from Bacoor to Tagaytay I was faced with a vehicle in front slowing down with no visible warning. Unfortunately I have seen similar before and it seems to be getting more common. Instead of a steady high-power (21W is most common) lamp being illuminated when the driver applied the brakes the vehicle(s) have been modified to cause a rapid flickering of the much less powerful (5W) tail lights. This is most difficult to see in strong daylight and I suspect also less than adequate warning at night.