Student enquiry/registration SY 2024-2025

Please create an account and log in. Form is now visible only to registered users, as we have been under attack all day by some lowlife who has sent over 3000 enquiries. By registering with the site you ensure that you see our announcements about parents orientation, commencement of classes and other events throughout the year.

Please complete all form items marked red as a minimum, put NA or NONE for items which do not apply. This data is securely held in our database and is not shared outwith the school.

Your completion of this form is not binding on you or on the school until you signify your acceptance of tuition fees and other costs by making a bank transfer/deposit to the school account and providing the school with a copy of your deposit/transfer confirmation.

Process flow

Complete/submit form ==> Receive proposed fees by email ==> Email discussion (if required) ==> Bank deposit/transfer of Initial amount ==> Furnish deposit/transfer receipt by email ==> Enrolment confirmed by email

Existing students

No need to fill the form, just email admin with the student name(s) and tell us what payment terms you would like a quotation for. We already have your loyalty and other discounts preset in our database.